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Sweet Plumbs


In her solo exhibition Sweet Plumbs (Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, 2015) Susan Stockwell unwinds the recurring themes and motives of her work and practice, considering a range of concerns including identity, geo-politics, migration and trade. Subverting and appropriating maps, money and a range of everyday household objects these works suggest the ‘other,’ a separateness. As world-wide conflicts are creating mass upheaval and migration, vast numbers of people are undertaking perilous journey’s to seek refuge. Using embroidery, silk and other delicate fabrics Stockwell highlight’s both femininity and the heirloom, private and family intimacy, things often taken for granted until lost. The exhibition included the installation work, Sweet Plums, 2 boxes containing versions of Sweet Plums, Blood Lines 1 & 2, a version of Sail Painting, drawings, embroidered, coffees stained handkerchiefs and a handkerchief quilt, To Die Upon a Kiss.


Sweet Plums Patrick Heide Contemporary Art 2015

Susan Stockwell

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