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Embroidered, Handkerchiefs, Quilts & Coffee


Various works -

Pound of Flesh (Venice), Tributary (Stratford), Bear Pit (London) -Embroidered individual handkerchiefs 

To Die Upon A Kiss - Quilt, made from handkerchiefs, coffee, embrodary thread. The handkerchiefs were  inherited from a relative and the work was inspired by Othello where a handkerchief plays a central part in the story plot.  To die upon a kiss are Othello's last lines as he is dying, having committed suicide. This work subvert everyday household objects. Using embroidery and delicate fabrics Stockwell highlight’s both femininity and the heirloom, private and family intimacy, things often taken for granted until lost. 

These works were made while Stockwell was on a year long residency with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon and were first shown there in the gallery & theatre Atrium spaces.

Pattern of the World  2001

In this work Stockwell has used dressmaking patterns, pinned together and stained with tea and coffee, to create a fragile map of the world. Stockwell uses the Mercator projection, with Europe at its centre in distorted proportions, as it is regarded as a manifestation of notions of dominance and superiority that were used to justify the ruthless claiming of foreign territories during colonial times; note the sewing instructions "shorten or lengthen here". 330cm wide x 210cm  high

Finesilver-Blackgold is a digital print made from layered components. A ledger card found in a disused garment factory in San Antonio, Texas and a famous image of a slave ship storage plan.

The seductive fine crepe silk and rich frame lures the viewer in, where upon closer inspections they find a shockingly horrific image of humans shackled to be brought and sold, traded as goods. The use of rich materials is purposeful in its comment upon the trades that we pursue for wealth and power. Although this is a historic image it reminds us of contemporary imperial trades.

Coffee Quilt

Coffee stained portion cups, cotton thread 197 x 127 x 7 cm.


Frieze Masters  London 2022 (Patrick Heide Contemporary Art)

SEA-MARKINGS 2015, alongside the installation Sail Painting and a version of Sail Away

Sweet Plums Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, London (2015).

Across Boundaries at the Draiflessen Collection Germany 2018-2019

The Biggest Draw Sheffield Millenum Galleries 2004

Mapping the Imagination Victoria and Albert Museum 2003

Susan Stokwell Selected Work solo exhibition, Victoria & Albert  Museum (V&A), London 2001


Pattern of the World is held in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London 

Susan Stockwell

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