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Money Dress


Money Dress is based on the style of dress worn in the 1890’s by British Female Explorers, often overlooked in history. The piece was made in honour of Catherine Routledge, who fell into a crevice in Panama and was saved by her crinoline when it caught on a tree branch. The dress is made with used paper currency from all over the world: the collars, belt and cuffs are crafted from money with female figureheads on, and the rest of the dress is made from money with male figureheads on which are turned inwards so you can only see their backs. The original intention was that the whole dress would be made from currency featuring female figureheads but they are prohibitively rare. As well as being made in honour of Catherine Routledge the piece is based on the idea of female territory and power being enabled by economic independence.


Creative Compass Royal Geographic Society, London 2010

TEFAF Art Fair with Patrick Heide 2020

Hidden Histories, Untild Stories Warrington Museum & Art Gallery 2020/21


The Queen of Trade Fairs Serves the Change in Taste Handesplatt Kuntsmark Review at TEFAF Art Fair

Susan Stockwell: Hidden Histories Untold Stories Messy Lines, Feb 28th 2021 by Julia Johnsam

Creative Compass Royal Geographic Society & INIVA

Colonial Dress & Creative Compass

Susan Stockwell

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