Hidden Histories


Hidden Histories, Warrington Museum and Art Gallery, Warrington UK,

An exhibition of Susan's work at Warrington Museum and Art Gallery supported by Arts and Heritage & Culture. She made a number of interventions into the museum’s collection with the assistance of museum staff when hanging this show, selecting artefacts that celebrated the collection and shed light on imperial histories, including objects that are being considered for return to their place of origin. Susan's sculptures are made with specially sourced industrial and consumer objects, which she juxtaposed amongst the museum’s collection objects, creating dialogues that explore themes of consumerism, trade, expansionism and the wilful destruction of the planet. 

Exhibition: Susan Stockwell - Hidden Histories, Warrington Museum & Art Gallery, 2020 - 2021

Warrington Museum and Art Gallery

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Cabinet of Curiosity Gallery Overview
Money Basket
Money Dress (with Sowei Mask from Sierra Leone)
Sugar Basket (right)
Amada (detail) including Globes & Sugar Trolley
Truth & Consequences
Truth and Consequences (detail)
Fast Fashion

Susan Stockwell