Pattern of The World


In this work Stockwell has used dressmaking patterns, pinned together and stained with tea and coffee, to create a fragile map of the world. The materials allude to Britain's colonial legacy and the way the trade of commodities like tea, coffee, and textiles, as well as human labour, has helped to shape the political and economic relations of today's world. Stockwell uses the Mercator projection, with Europe at its centre in distorted proportions, as it is regarded as a manifestation of notions of dominance and superiority that were used to justify the ruthless claiming of foreign territories during colonial times; note the sewing instructions "shorten or lengthen here".

330cm wide x 210cm  high

V&A collections:


Across Boundaries at the Draiflessen Collection Germany 14.10.2018 – 27.01.2019

The Biggest Draw Sheffield Millenum Galleries 2004

Mapping the Imagination Victoria and Albert Museum 2003

Susan Stokwell Selected Work solo exhibition, Victoria and Albert Museum, London 2001


Catalogue, across boundaries Published by the Draifflesen Collection in 3 languages

across boundaries - selected pages

Pattern of The World - 330 x 210cm
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Pattern of the World - detail of Africa
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Susan Stockwell