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Out of Time


A major solo exhibition and site-specific installation, Out of Time at Hotel d'Astier, Forcalquier, France commissioned to mark the celebration of 10 years of the towns Ateliers Ouverts Arts Festival.

The courtyard installation, Hot Air evoked the night sky, hot air balloons, and a miniature universe. Similar to previous works, meticulously crafted and subtly revealing, this work establishes the links between our colonial behaviours, current global warming, pandemics, and our fragile world. As well as the underlying deeper meanings the work is also intended to be uplifting and evoke a sense of play and wonder.

Susan’s interest in the politics of feminism and the body has led to a series of dress sculptures including, Territory Dress, 2018, commissioned by and on permnant display in Our Colonial Inheritance at the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam and Colonial Dress, which in the collection of the House of European History in Brussels.

For this exhibition Susan has created a new sculptural dress, entitled Europa, the sculpture reflects her time spent in France and questions recent historic events in Europe, including the war in Ukraine, Brexit and mass migration.

Alongside Europa a number of short art films and small sculptures are on show in the 1st floor galleries.

The title of the exhibition was inspired by the Blur song Out of Time –


And you’ve been so busy lately

That you haven’t found the time

To open up your mind

And watch the world spinning

Gently out of time,

Tell me I’m not dreaming

But are we out of time?


We’re out of time out of time

Out of time

Out of time

Out of time……….

Out of time

As the guest artist for the 10-year celebration of Les Ateliers de Ouverte Art Festival Susan orchestrated a collaborative artwork/quilt entitled, The Artist Hand. The piece, created with swatches made and donated by 38 local artists, was assembled by Susan and Jeanne de Sainte Marie and sewn by Forcalquier Quilt Collective.

The title celebrates the touch of the artist's hand and the act of making. The swatches show a diversity of practice in a shared creative endeavour. As recycling, ecology and sewing are an integral part of her creative practice patchwork quilts are an ideal way to generate shared works.

In Susan’s words,

Aspects of quilting and sewing involve repairing, joining, connecting and recycling, often using upcycled materials that have been passed on or inherited. Stitched by groups that share stories and experiences they work in collaboration to create an outcome that is larger than the sum of its parts."


Out of Time  Hotel d'Astier Art Centre, Forcalquier, France

Out of Time Patrick Heide Contemporary Art Brussells Belgium 2024


Art in Forcalquier Celebrates 10 years of Ateliers Ouverts Perfectly Provence2023

Susan Stockwell

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