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Highland Dress


'Highland Dress is an empty life-sized female dress composed of ordinance survey maps of the Scottish Highlands glued together. ‘Stockwell delivers a visual blow to English colonization and occupation of Scotland over 300 years. Using military maps to create a woman’s dress sends a double message of war and politics being dominated by men in Western history. The strongly posed representation of feminism battles against male denial of power and suggests that men can only settle disputes through wars.’ Quoted from Review of Mapping: memory and Motion in Contemporary Art at Katonah Museum of Art - International Journal of Multicultural Education, Vol.12/no 2.Page 3. 2012.


Matisse and Contemporary Paper Artists Rheged Art Centre, Penrith UK 2022

Artist In Residence Exhibited Works, Pinsent Masons, London UK 2020-2022

If you Lived Here you'd be Home Childens Museum, New York USA 2016

Mind the Map GALLERIE F 15 Punkt Ø NORWAY 2014

The First Cut Manchester Art Gallery & Platt Hall Museum of Costume 2013

Paper Tiger One Canada Square, Canary Wharf 2008


The First Cut Catalogue for exhibitioon Cornerhouse publications Manchester 2013

Sculpture at Canary Wharf: a Decade of Exhibitions 2011

Susan Stockwell

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