Cartographic Dress


Cartographic Dress is meticulously crafted from 1960's paper Atlas's that are cut and pieced together to form a beautiful dress sculpture. Central America forms the shoulder strap, the north coast of Africa forms the neckline and Brazil and South America form the back. This dress sculpture subtly references connections between human anatomy and the shapes of countries and continents, it is concerned with claiming female territory, mapping the female body, and references traces and stories of  social and colonial histories.

Cartographic Dress is one in a series of dress sculptures made from maps and money that are concerned with gender politics, defining and mapping the female body and territory, power, materiality and history. They often hover in the boundaries between art and fashion. The dresses are empty of figures, ghostly, as if waiting to be filled or to have their stories told and completed.


TEFAF Maastricht with Patrick Heide gallery 25th-30th June 2022

The Eye of The Collector with Patrick Heide Gallery, London September 2021

Pinsent Masons London offices, 2020/21

Cartographic Dress 2019
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Susan Stockwell