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B-side Ecology


B-side Ecology was a large-scale site specific installation made at the Hong Foundation in Taipei, Taiwan with 3 tons of upcycled components, supplied by Panasonic. This was the first in a series of large-scale installations, sculptures and 2D works made with discarded  computer components. Like other works by Susan the components are  are part of a Circular Economy, often borrowed from industry and returned to be recycled after the exhibition.

"Artist Susan Stockwell makes use of the discarded computer components that can be found all around us to create a work that serves as both a critique and a warning against the phenomenon of globalization. Taking the theme of the ‘B-side’ from vinyl records, she also reflects on whether human society is implicitly dominated by the A-side of economics and science, and asks whether culture and ecology have found themselves relegated to the realms of the often overlooked B-side?.......

She transforms everyday ready-made objects, dismantling discarded computers; first sorting them, then piecing them together, and finally reconstructing them into landscapes of ruin, as a way to express her  alarm at the development of industrial civilization, and to highlight the cultural crisis caused by globalization. Through the transformation of ordinary objects, the artist sparks new discourses on contemporary issues, such as political and cultural colonization, human consumption and the wasting of global resources."

- the Hong Foundation


Flood York St Marys & York Museums Trust 2010

Vulnerable Ecologies Artleague, Houston Texas 2009

B-side Ecology Hong Foundation, Taipei Taiwan 2008


50 Women Sculptors  Aurorametro Publishing 2020 (P157 - 158)

ISBN: 978-0-9932207-7-7 

Susan Stockwell Creates a Recycled Masterpiece from E-waste Recycle Nation USA

Susan Stockwell

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