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As well as reflecting the church's tall spire the work references the idea of an alter as a space for worship. The piece draws the eye upwards, whilst simultaneously flooding downwards forming a pool of metal and wire on the floor. The title Flood refers to global warming, flooding problems and to floods of information and technology. The juxtaposition of contemporary disused computer components with the ancient, deconsecrated space of the church creates a tension and dialogue. The components begin to resemble archaeological finds mingling with the slabs, which originate from Roman times. 

Flood was a site specific-installation in St Mary's (a 13th century deconsecrated church) in York, was 8 meters high and made from 4 tons of recycled computer components supplied by Secure IT Recycling.

Commissioned for the alter area of this deconsecrated church, then used as a contemporary art installation space by York Museums Trust, it was on show from June - October 2010.

Other artists who exhibited at York St Mary's include Bruce Nauman, Cornelia Parker, Emma Biggs and Matthew Collings.


Flood York St Marys & York Museums Trust 2010

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Flood Brochure York Museums Trust 2010

Susan Stockwell Creates a Recycled Masterpiece from E-waste Recycle Nation USA

Susan Stockwell

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