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Coffee Dress


Coffee Dress, 1999 is the first dress sculpture that Susan made. 

In a recent interview with Daan van Dartel from the Tropenmusuem, Amsterdam, she discusses the impetus and origins for what has now become an important and ongoing series of work: "I knew how to read dressmaking patterns from an early age and sewing was my first language. When I was sixteen I won a prize for the best-made dress in my school, I have been making dresses all my life. The first sculptural dress I made, Coffee Dress was an extension of this, but it was an artwork, not to be worn, so a similar method but with a different outcome; I was subverting clothing. Coffee Dress had a train made from coffee filters and stained paper portion cups. At this time I also began working with maps.

Photos Colin Hampden-White & Susan Stockwell. 


Susan Stockwell - Artst in Residence Pinsent Masons, London 2021-22

Alda Caparelli 2005

Susan Stockwell Victoria and Albert Museum, London 2001

Jibby Beane, London 1999


Altered States Crafts Magazine Carol Tulloch 2006

Post Colonial Discourse in Garment Form Jessica Hemmings, Fiberrts 2004

Susan Stockwell

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