World No 1 & 2

2011 & 2012

World No 1 was commissioned by Bedfordshire University in 2010. The piece is made from discarded computer components  6m x 4.5m x 30cm (supplied by Secure IT Recycling).

The choice to use a world map was guided by the site, the university being a global place of learning where students come from around the world to learn. World No 1  is sited in a space where people locate themselves within the building. The piece plays with topographical references as motherboards are maps made with arteries for information and electricity to travel through. Bedfordshire University prides itself on its computer design and software courses so this material seemed appropriate for the context of the location.

The computer components are transformed into a sculpture that highlights the materials beauty. They are dissected, their innards exposed, revealing the underbelly of the machines we take for granted, an autopsy of our consumer society. I choose these ‘commodity’ materials because they contain 'Stains of Existence' and act as ready-made signifiers, which I sculpt and interweave in ways that delicately reveal their obscured politics and hidden beauty.

World No 2 was commissioned by BlackRock Investments courtesy of TAG Fine Arts. The piece is made from discarded computer components  3m x 1.5m x13cm (supplied by Secure IT Recycling).  World No 2 is at Black Rocks New York HQ.

World No 2
World No1
World No 1 South America - close up
World No 1
World No 1
World No 1
World No 1

Susan Stockwell