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ARTS RESIDENCY -Taiwan-England Artists Fellowship Programme

<p>Supported by the British Council, Arts Council of England and The Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan.</p> <p>In late 2007, Visiting Arts awarded Stockwell an artists fellowship at Taipei Artist Village. She saw the residency as an opportunity to reflect on what she describes as issues of global politics and Chinese imperialism embedded in the debate over whether Taiwan can and should remain independent from China. The Centre staff supported her research into Taiwan history by arranging access to the Department of Transports maps and conversations with a cultural studies specialist, a calligrapher and a tea expert. In addition she toured Taipei, tracing its accelerated growth into a global city on a site where only forty years ago there were rice fields and buffalo. The works made derive from Stockwells investigation into the transportation and mapping systems of Taiwan and other Asian cities, as well as her home city of London. They employ traditional craft techniques such as paper-cutting and sewing, and local materials such as rice paper, calligraphy paper and maps. As in many of her previous works, transformation is its profound theme. </p>

Work made in this commission

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