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Susan Stockwell Folds a Fleet of Ships from Global Currency, 3 December 2013, by Nina Azzarello

Publisher: designboom, © designboom 2013

Review of Sail Away at Miami Art Fair

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Artist of the Month, 2 October 2013, by Susan Stockwell

Publisher: londonprintstudio, © London Print Studio and artists 2013

Susan is Artist of the Month at London Print Studio, until early November. There is an exhibition of her work at London Print Studio Gallery, which includes the print ‘Blood Lines’, co-published with the londonprintstudio. The ‘Blood Lines’ publication will be launched at the forthcoming Multiplied Art Fair in October.

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Images - 'Taipei Arteries' paper-cut print 'Who Are We?' embroidered Euros - UK map 'China Gold' computer motherboard 'Afghanistan: a Sorry State' $1 notes, cotton thread, linen 'Sail Away' paper currency boat and skewer.

Piece Makers: Soldiers and Sewing , 1 October 2013, by Sasan and The National Army Museum

Publisher: National Army Museum, © National Army Museum 2013

Blog about the project

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Mandem on the Wall, 29 April 2013, by Mandem on the Wall

Publisher: Tate & Mandem on the Wall, © Mandem on the Wall JPD Entertainment FREDEO films 2013

Film at the Hyperlink Festival. Tate Modern Part 11. See 2.40 and 6.28 for the interview with Susan about SAIL AWAY.

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Hyperlink Festival At Tate Modern, 5 April 2013, by Esme Anderson

Publisher: Design Week, © Design Week / Esme Anderson 2013

Hyperlink is a three day arts festival for 15 to 25 year olds and will be hosted in The Tanks and Turbine Hall from 26 - 28 April. Based on the theme of ‘six degrees of separation’, it has been curated by a planning committee of young creatives from Tate Collective London, Tate’s youth network.

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Alongside the workshops British artist Susan Stockwell will be filling the Turbine hall with a flotilla of paper boats made from folded tickets and maps. She says, ‘I have been making hundreds of boats in preparation for the installation, but people will

The Art of Walking: a field guide, 1 April 2013, by David Evans

Publisher: black dog publishing 2012 London UK, © black dog publishing ltd the artists and authors 2013

Susan’s piece Taking a Line for a Walk from 2002 is included in a new book The Art of Walking: A Field Guide Edited by David Evans. The book examines different types of walkers, from Dandies to Pilgrims, as well as the relationship that walking has had with 20th century art.

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Contributors include Marina Abramović and Ulay, Francis Al˙s, Janet Cardiff, Bruce Nauman, Jeremy Deller, Dara Birnbaum, Richard Long.

Mappamundi art et cartographie, 16 March 2013, by Guillaume Monsaingeon

Publisher: Hotel des Arts, © Editions Parentheses ISBN 978-2-86364-276-4 2013

A catalogue for the exhibition Mappamundi at Hotel des Arts Toulon, France. March 16th - May 26th

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GEO GRAPHIC A Book for Map Lovers, 1 March 2013, by Federica Sala

© INDEX BOOK, SL BARCELONA ISBN978-84-15308-35-5 2013

A book of images of art works that relate to maps and mapping. Including the work of Chris Kenny, Jacob Dahlgren and Robert Walden amongst others.

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Mapping the Future, July 2012, by Simon Stephens

Publisher: Museums Journal, © Museums Journal 2012

An article about the exhibition 'Mind the Map' at the London Transport Museum

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'It's the British Empire Story After a Fashion', 26 July 2011,

Publisher: The Yorkshire Post, © The Yorkshire Post 2011

Article about Susan's sculpture 'Empire Dress' and its placing amongst the galleries permanent collection. It is displayed in the Burton Gallery alongside other works of empire including Sir Joshua Reynolds’ 18th century painting of Captain John Foote, who worked for the East India Company.

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